DeNiro S4601/S4602 riding boots (configurator)

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DeNiro S4600 configurator
basic color ** 

Here you can choose the basic color of the boot. If you wish parts of the boot in another color, you can choose this afterwards.

logo ** 
laces ** 
extra option 
sole ** 

VIBRAM: Our handmade sole consists of two layers of leather and a rubber Vibram non-slip soles. These three layers are double-frame sewn.

The insole with activated carbon is shock-absorbing and has a natural antibacterial function.

Ride & Fly: Thanks to its molecular nanotech particles, this sole is non-toxic, recyclable, antibacterial, shock-absorbing, shock-absorbing, water- and fire-resistant, anti-traumatic and extremely light.

dressage bow ** 
outer reinforcement ** 


toe cap 

the color of the piping can be written at "Annotation to your order"

buckle color 
side strap ** 
Top design 

Here you can choose the form of the top, the color can be chosen at the end of the order.

leather parts in different colors 

Here the surcharge for the individual parts is indicated. If you wish to have more than one part in a different color, the surcharge will not exceed the value stated in "more parts in another color". On request also other forms possible.

color for tops and other parts 

Here you can choose the color of the just selected parts and tops (surcharge). In the last step, there is an annotation box where you can assign the colors to the places.

top decoration 

Here you can choose the decoration fo the top, not the shape. The decoration will be fittet to the selected top.

punched holes 

Can only be chosen, if you have added punched holes at the toe cap or at the top etc. (surcharge)

Swarovski color 

Please enter the desired color in the comment box further down, here all Swarovski colors can be selected.


Annotation to your order 

Please enter your comments on the order (which color where, which stitch color or special wishes).

picture upload 

Here you can upload pictures that we need for your order.

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Please look at the video and check if you need a part measurement. The measurement table is on the next side.



Please click on picture to enlarge. The first value in the table is the height at the backstrap without heel, the second value is the calf amount/circumference with breeches and socks.

EUR shoe size ** 
shaft size 

First you have to choose the height (short short-high) and then the calf amount (XXXS-XXL). The standard circumference/amount at the bootleg end is: calf circumference - 2cm. For a 38cm calf, the bootleg end would be 36cm, please check if 2 fingers would fit tight into the tape measure, otherwise it may happen that the bootleg end is too wide or too tight. Then you have to choose a measurement riding boot.

made to measure? ** 

In order to ensure an optimal fit, DeNiro boots are recommended to be fully made to measure. However, it is also possible to customize only the shaft of the DeNiro boots. You can specify the values ​​in the next step.

values shaft part measurement 

If you only want to have the shaft custom made, you can enter the values ​​for the shaft part measurement here. If the values ​​deviate right and left, please specify (right/left).


values full measurement 

If you would like to have the complete boot made to measure, then you can specify your measurements here. If the values ​​deviate right and left, please specify (right/left).


body height (cm) ** 

Please write down your body height in cm in the field below, this will help us to see if you pick the right shaft height.

Now that you have entered all the required values for this boot, the "Apply configuration" button appears below. Please do not forget to put the boot in the shopping cart afterwards.

attention custom build! ** 

You can exchange the boots once if they don´t fit.

** Required field
  • D-S04600
DeNiro S4601/S4602 riding boots custom build. S4601: without laces (01) S4602: with laces (02)... more
Product information "DeNiro S4601/S4602 riding boots (configurator)"

DeNiro S4601/S4602 riding boots custom build.

S4601: without laces (01)
S4602: with laces (02)

The riding boot is made of WRAT (WaterResistantAdvancedTreatment) calfskin leather and has a vibram sole. The long s-curved back zipper with zip guard and the choosable functional elastic lacing guarantee high comfort and tight fitting on the ankles.

The height of the boots is measured from the hollow of the knee to the ground while standing, the amount of the calf is measured wearing breeches and socks while seating.

Please calculate 1cm for the drop to the height of the riding boot.

This is a custom build riding boot! If the first boot doesn't fit, we will produce a second one which has to be taken.

laces: with laces, without laces
Schuhgröße: 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46
zip: 9mm YKK Sprial RV, with zip
Farbe: andere Farbe, blau, dunkelbraun, grau, gruen, hellbraun, rot, schwarz
stiff shaft outside: without stiffness
elastic insert: without elastic insert
konfigurierbar: konfigurierbar
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